Day 2: What to do?

Posted in Hair Stories by Ashley Franklin on October 7, 2009
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First Day at Work

Before Work

Every morning my family has prayer before my two youngest siblings go to school. It’s not that we don’t love my other sister enough to have prayer with her as well, she just goes to school entirely too early. We do always toss her name up to God anyway, and I think he catches it just the same.

After everyone going to school had gone, I was left with my folks. My dad wanted to see my hair the night before, but I wasn’t unleashing it just yet. I sent him a picture message of it instead. Having general conversation about my hair with him, I leaned my head back against the wall. I almost gave myself a brain injury because one of the hair clips stabbed me right in the head. Time to take clips off.

I work at a preschool. Children can’t really handle drastic changes. The bunch I work with hasn’t really had a choice. They’ve grown used to me wearing wigs, sporting braids, or setting my hair free (sometimes all in the same week). They still ask questions about it though, and I can’t really blame them. There aren’t but so many brown people where I work, so I feel like they pay extra attention to me. (I’ll take this time to say that it wasn’t until working with kids that I learned that most of them don’t use Black and White. They use brown and peach. I’ll save that topic for another post though.) I wasn’t sure how I was going to break the new do out on the kids.

I opted for a scarf I own. It’s different shades of  brown and red, and I built an outfit around it.

At Work

Just like adults, some kids wake up from their naps quicker and more pleasant than others. As I passed out their snacks, the more alert ones were ready for me.

-Miss Ashley, what’s that on your head?

-A scarf.

-Miss Ashley, what are you covering up?

-My hair.

-Miss Ashley, what’s your hair doing under the scarf?


-Miss Ashley, are you a pirate?


-Miss Ashley, you look like a ninja. Are you a ninja?

-Of course!

-Miss Ashley, you kinda look like a princess.

-I am a princess. In fact, I’m a pirate ninja princess.

I remained unquestioned as a pirate ninja princess for maybe ten minutes. Then, my scarf slipped and I needed to fix it. I started to go into the bathroom to fix it, but then thought “why?”. I took it off and the table of kids closest to me all stopped chewing. One always outspoken little girl said, “So that’s what your hair is doing underneath. I like it.” 

She continued eating her snack and I smiled. She was the first child that had greeted me when I came through the door. Her greeting hadn’t been hi or hello. Instead, it was “Miss Ashley, like my dress?” She smiled when I told her I loved it. Maybe she’d returned the favor–a smile for a smile.  




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  1. Tricia Ferdinand said,

    Awwww! For the record I like it too. I think you’ll look great with dreds…for some reason I see you rockin it like our professor (the one that taught the Black Man class…her name escapes me bc I am tired and a lil cranky at the moment…which is entirely too much info. I know, but true all the same).

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