I am not my hair

Posted in Hair Stories by Ashley Franklin on October 9, 2009
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I’m far from conceited, but anyone that knows me can tell you how much I love having my picture taken. How is that not conceited? Well, I have no problem taking pictures of other people. They just have to wait their turn.

My “boolovin”, as I call him,  made a comment that I hadn’t sent him any pictures lately. Of course I tried to talk avoid the issue by turning the conversation around on him, but he’s learned to see that from a mile away. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like my hair, it’s just still growing on me. If I’m slacking on sending my boolovin some random pics, what hope do I have left for this whole dreadlock process?

He and I love music and believe that there’s a song that relates to every possible emotion. I scanned through my iTunes, no small task, and came up with an oldie but goodie. The song is  “I am Not My Hair” India Arie. I can’t believe I’d forgotten it. It was the reason I’d bought the album a couple years ago in the first place!

I’m really ashamed that I’d forgotten about this song. I actually used it as part of a presentation I did in graduate school. I think the presentation was on defying beauty culture or redefining beauty. It’s vague. Sorry. As pleased as I was to (re)find this song, imagine how excited I was to discover another version! This one isn’t a video, just the song, but it features Pink instead of Akon. I think Pink is pretty fantastic, so this made me smile on the inside and outside:

Isn’t it great when the people closest to you can influence your way of thinking? From one small comment made by my very significant other, I got a boost of confidence and a newfound appreciation for a song I once loved. The thing is, now the song takes on a whole new meaning. Though I always felt like I could connect with the song, now I feel like I’m living it all the more. It’s okay though. At least I know that while I’m going through this process, I’ll have someone who supports me. Even if I decide to cut all my hair off, “we’d just rock waves together.” Those are his words, not mine. It’s definitely not the most romantic thing he has said, but it hit home just the same.


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  1. alexis brown said,

    heyyyy… these are my jams! ♫go ashley go ashley♫
    I AM NOT MY HAIR! this song is so meaningful and i LOVE these people. I like this song more than the original.Good job ash!!.(lol)

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