Worms on your head?

Posted in Hair Stories,Kid Stories by Ashley Franklin on October 9, 2009
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I was at Pathmark getting ice cream for some apple pie and saw two women with dreads. I was so excited. I felt like a member of a special club–like maybe a dreads support group or honor society. I wanted to run up to them and say “You too, how long?”. But there’s a special place for folk that walk up to strangers and make them nervous.
Speaking of nervous, I apparently made one little girl nervous. I need to add some hair clips or something to keep my hair from swirling around or flying away. Yes, my hair is still managing to do what it wants even in these baby dreads.  At this moment my sister, Lexi, is tossing on some hair clips to help the cause. I’m not sure how successful we’re going to be though.
So anyway, this little girl walks up to me at recess. I already knew I was in for it because she’s secretly one of the funniest kids at the school. She looked up and titled her head to the right. She squinted and put her hands on her hips, bunching up her tiny pink jacket. Then it happened: “Are those worms on your head?”
I laughed, and she ran away laughing. As the usual hijinks of the afternoon continued, I actually gave more thought to this comment. The children like worms. They show it everyday by seeing how many they can dig up from the ground and show me in plastic buckets. The idea of worms on my head thoroughly creeps me out. Instead of worms, what if these were snakes on my head?
Now that would be a breakthrough for the early childhood field! Instead of saying the same things over and over: stop it, no, we can’t do that, you’re not making good choices, etc., imagine if I whipped off a hat and unleashed some hissing snakes to end all questionable behaviors. I’d be kind of like Medusa, except for that whole turning people to stone thing. The kids would either be shocked or scared to death. I’d get their attention either way, and sometimes that’s half the battle (getting them to listen so you can (re)direct them).
[picapp src=”0245/ffac07b8-09ad-463d-a8bd-3437ef10a07f.jpg?adImageId=4923777&imageId=249083″ width=”234″ height=”158″ /]

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  1. alexis brown said,

    well, i think that u would be fired for the endangerment of children and having upkept hair… Anyway,i like how your hair is still trying to revolt against the dreads by twirling at the top and not the bottom like they are supposed to. One day im going to make my twist and twirl like yours(I’ll admit i am a little jelous of your wild hair)I think im off to a good start as my hair wont un wave. ok good bye

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