Dandelion Daze

Posted in Kid Stories by Ashley Franklin on October 14, 2009
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” Where’d you get that dandelion?” I asked with genuine curiosity.

“Right here,” she trailed the ground with her foot, “I picked it up because it’s cold so I can save it and warm it up.”

I’ve been at my job for over a year now. Seeing children pick flowers is nothing new to me. There’s always one child or another picking flowers to make stew, sell at the store, or make homes for bugs. Although I must admit that my favorite flower usage occurs when I see the boys pick flowers. I was initially intrigued by their determination to fill up several plastic pails. I soon understood when I saw them chasing girls around and throwing handfuls of flowers at them. Maybe they’ll have a little more finesse about the way they give females flowers when they’re older.

This time, as I watched the back of a head full of ponytails and barrettes skip away, I felt a little sad. She crammed the flower in her pocket. I’m sure her intentions were good. I could even understand her logic. I imagine it went something like this:

It’s cold out here. I have on a puffy coat. It keeps me warm. Look, it’s a flower all alone. It must be cold too. I can help. My coat can keep it warm too.

It was the only dandelion on the entire playground. Now it was being saved in her coat pocket. This one flower had survived the wind, rain, cold, lawnmowers, and whatever else nature usually throws at flowers. But, it couldn’t survive a five year old.

I guess that’s life. You work your butt off to be the last one standing only to be uprooted by an unexpected event. Sometimes the unexpected event is a person who tries to save you from one thing or another. People like this may mean well, but their help may do more harm than good.


3 Responses to 'Dandelion Daze'

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  1. alexis said,

    awww… i understand u ash. from the first sentence i was wondering where you were going with this whole dandelion thing.good job

    • transego said,

      That comment really sounds like: Geez, I’m glad you finally pulled that story together,lol.

      • alexis said,

        yes that was exactly what i was saying good job comprehending

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