Life Questions, No Answers

Posted in Aging,Kid Stories by Ashley Franklin on October 16, 2009
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What time is it?
What’s that mean?

If anyone knows the proper response I should have given this child, please let me know. I had nothing. I had no witty remark or logical response for a five year old, and I have nearly a twenty year advantage of thinking  on him. I took many college courses before I got around to questioning the meaning of time and its relativity. Some questions are just harder to answer than others.

It’s kind of like “What’s good with you?” What kind of question is that? First of all, let’s come up with a standard definition of good as it’s used in this question. This isn’t your regular good. This is good as a life qualifier. How are you supposed to quickly come up with a response for that in everyday conversation?

“What have you been up to?” is just as bad. You try not to panic as you come up with a response that makes it seem like you don’t suck as much as you think you really do. It’s one thing for you to think it about yourself but another to give someone the ammo to think it about you.

I guess what I’m starting to realize is that  maybe the problem is with the questions and not the answers.


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