Birthday blues and quarterlife arrival

Posted in Aging by Ashley Franklin on November 1, 2009
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The weeks leading up to it were rough, but it finally happened. I turned 25. The world didn’t end, and a giant stamp didn’t come from the sky simply to stamp me with a label of “You Suck!” Bad things usually happen on my birthday. If a bad thing doesn’t happen, a disagreeable thing usually happens to take its place. It usually takes the form of my being sick, a family member being falling ill, dying, or being near death, or some other form of bad news. Every year I tend to just wait around and see what will happen.

So when I got to the Philadelphia airport and my 6:45 am flight was postponed an hour for what I think was due to a shortage of flag people to direct the plane to where it needed to be, to me. My layover in Memphis was for a little over an hour, so I’d nearly lost hope of making my connecting flight.

Where was I in such a hurry to go? Well, who wants to spend their birthday without their boo? Certainly not me, and I didn’t. I made my connecting flight, and got to where I was going safe and sound.

The days I spent celebrating my birthday went off without a hitch. However, I will be completely honest. The thought did cross my mind several times that the plane was going to crash just to spite me and prove my birthday sucks. I’m so pleased to have been wrong.

So it looks like I’ll be taking this 25 year-old thing one day at a time, just like any other year. What have I learned so far? To not put such stringent limitations upon myself. The things I thought I would have accomplished by now, quite honestly, I haven’t accomplished many of them. But in that same sense, lots of things have happened that I never counted on. I never thought I’d be living in Delaware. I had imagined myself living the vicarious lifestyle of a writer in a big city with no strings attached. Then, the attached strings were relationships and children. My priorities have changed drastically, so why have I been holding myself to the same expectations?


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  1. Banana said,

    I totally know how you feel about the whole turning 25 thing. I was too sleepy and busy to really put it into perspective, but by the time it came and I started re-evaulating life I realized that I am very blessed. I am not where I want to be, but exactly where I need to be. I’ve learned to not be that hard on myself, and be confident in my abilities. You have helped so much with this journey, so consider yourself accomplished. Everyone that you help, each time they achieve success, so do you.

    • transego said,

      Thanks, Banana. It is a good feelings helping someone realize his or her own potential for greatness and success. After the good feelings of being “helpful Anne” are gone though, you’re left wondering why it’s so easy to help others but not help yourself.

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