Dreading my dreds? Maybe not.

Last Thursday marked the time I was scheduled to get my hair redone. Not doing anything to my hair for a month was a trial for many reasons. I didn’t have but so many rules to follow. In actuality, I only had two:

Rule #1: Don’t get it wet!

An umbrella and a shower cap would be all I’d need to keep to this rule, so I thought. The shower part, I had covered. I even wore two to be sure. The rain was another story. Well, rain doesn’t always fall straight down. Lo and behold, sometimes it rains at an angle. (That reminds me of an episode of Family Guy where Ollie Williams makes a similar observation.)

My own personal observation: all wetness doesn’t come from the outside! I caught a cold, which is typical since I work with kids. I hadn’t bargained the profuse sweating that happened as my body tried to rid itself of the thing! The whole back of my hair came out! This actually brings me to the second rule I was to follow. This happened not once, but twice.

Rule #2: Re-twist to the left

This I knew I couldn’t screw up. I have a pretty firm grasp of my left from my right. Sadly, I came to discover that I have a pretty firm grasp of my left from my right only when not under the influence of Theraflu and Sudafed. In trying to save my unraveling hair, it became more of a disaster. I didnt know what to do. The faster I twisted, using the Jane Carter stuff, the faster it came out. It was then I realized I was twisting to the right and completely undoing what was left of the slight hint of twists in the back. I will now make a confession: I cheated. The locs wouldn’t stay, so I broke out some extra hold spritz. Spritz shows no mercy, and I was in a desperate place.

So when I got to Miss Pam’s house after work Thursday night, I expected for her to say, “What have you done to your hair?!” To my surprise, she didn’t. She was actually impressed, saying that it looked a lot better than she’d even hoped. Now that, I didn’t know how to take.

I’d bought more Jane Carter Solution products for the occasion: locking spray, shampoo, and conditioner. She washed it, re-twisted it, and put a million clips on it again. Amazingly, this all took about four hours, which was much faster than the last time. I looked at it after she washed it and just knew I was going to be there all night. I still don’t understand how she made her way through what I thought was a tangled disaster area. She cut a good amount of the relaxer out this time too. I was a big girl and didn’t complain about it. It had to be done. I don’t even know why I almost cared. I’m used to my hair being short. I’ve had it cut much shorter than it is now (yes, even with my big head).

Want to see how the night unfolded?


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  1. Teacher said,

    Yo! I was very concerned when I read the line, “my hair in the back came out.” I was like, oh my word! . . Ashley’s freakin hair is falling out because she twisted the lock in the wrong direction. I am so relieved! That would have been a yucky look on you, to say the least. Locks all around and a bald spot in the back as if you were 6 months old. Glad the process is still a go. Love and miss you and hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. transego said,

    I don’t know if unintentional baldness is a good look on anyone. Yeah, I’m proud of myself for enduring the process. You know I have flighty tendencies,lol. Honestly, it’s not really all that bad. We both know how much I hate doing my hair, so I’m all for this.

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