Posted in Random Experiences by Ashley Franklin on February 21, 2010
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In one of my previous posts, Life Questions, No Answers, I wondered how to respond to what I consider unanswerable or just plain stupid questions. Guess what! I’m not alone. So I was having one of those moments (you know, those moments when you’re just kind of sitting in front of your computer wishing some part of your life away) and I started typing in the address box. I didn’t really have a website in mind that I wanted to go to. Like normal, I typed in the three w’s, added the dot and another w. Naturally, what’s the first thing I thought to add to a lonesome w? Two more letters: t and f.

I found what could possibly be my new favorite site: www.wtf.com. What made me think of my Life Questions, No Answers was a post I saw, or should I say a rant: Top 10 Expressions That Should Be Changed. I laughed for a hot minute after reading it. It’s always nice to know that your quirky vexations are shared by others.

Some people feel that random ranting and raving is a sign of immaturity. I, however, think it’s quite healthy. Think of all the negative side effects that come from bottling up emotions. I can always tell when I’ve been holding in too much negativity because my stomach starts to hurt. It doesn’t quit until I address whatever is bothering me.

So, I applaud websites such as this. Maybe I’ll even join and become a fellow ranter. Maybe we can all eradicate stupid questions once and for all, or at least make fun of them together.


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  1. I just wanted to say I really love your blog! It’s a great look at the quarterlife. I’m blogging at http://postcollegiate.wordpress.com – hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think!

    • transego said,

      Thanks for checking out my blog! Yours hits home in a lot of areas.

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