Snow more winter

Posted in 1 by Ashley Franklin on February 27, 2010
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The snow is melting!

Well, at least it was until it snowed again. Maybe they should have had the Winter Olympics in the U.S. this year because we seem to have snow to spare. Luckily, we only got a few inches this time around. It wasn’t anything major. What I mean by that is there wasn’t an extensive amount of shoveling to be done. Ah, the downfalls up living up north. Snow is overrated. I’d be perfectly fine with seeing a couple of inches a year. Actually, a light dusting to pretty up outside would work for me.

I think snow is very pretty. However, you know there is always the risk of having too much of a good thing. I thought the occasional snow dusting would be something I’d miss once I moved further down south. To my surprise, it has even been snowing in the southern states. My folks went down to Jackson, Mississippi a few weeks ago and were stunned because everything was shutting down over a couple inches of snow. I guess snow isn’t something they’re used to. It’s understandable though. I mean, I’m not too accustomed to excessive heat.


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