The Fat Smash Diet: Day 1 Review

Posted in Diet by Ashley Franklin on May 19, 2010
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I am not hungry. No, that’s not a lame attempt at convincing myself. I’m actually not hungry. Eating 4 to 5 times a day, even if you’re not hungry, keeps you full even if the meals and snacks are small. Did I do my 30 minutes of cardio yesterday? No. I”m supposed to do 30 minutes of cardio for like 5 days out of the week. My biggest challenge yesterday was wondering how to keep my bananas from ripening too fast. By the time I googled it, it was too late. My partially green bananas and my super green bananas were all rapidly approaching bright yellow. I couldn’t run out and buy those special produce bags, so I cut up the super yellow bananas and shoved em in the freezer.

Now that I think about it, dinner was a challenge. For myself, I’d fixed a concoction of corn, brown rice, cayenne pepper, and onions. I tossed it in the oven while my husband’s dinner was finishing up. What was he having? Meatloaf, cheesy rice, and green beans. I love meatloaf, and this one was extra pretty for some reason (that reason probably being that I couldn’t have any). In between bites of meatloaf, my husband leaned over and asked to try what I was eating. Two chews and a swallow later, “Aww baby. You’re not gonna enjoy that!”  I could almost see the concern in his voice, though he quickly returned to his meal.

It wasn’t bad really. Here’s what I ended up eating:


1:20P.M.~1 strawberry

2:45P.M.~Bowl of mixed up corn, onion, green pepper w/ cayenne pepper for taste

5:20P.M.~ Apple

6:00P.M.~ 1Cup Oatmeal

9:30P.M.~Bowl of mixed up corn, onion, green pepper & brown rice w/ cayenne pepper for taste

Keep in mind that I wasn’t restricted to eating what I did. I picked things that I would actually eat. Having as many fruits and vegetables as I want is a pretty sweet deal. It keeps me from starving to death like I thought I would. The recipes on the audiobook seemed tasty if I ate most of the vegetables that were the ingredients.


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