The Fat Smash Diet: Day 5

Posted in Diet by Ashley Franklin on May 22, 2010

I started this diet on Tuesday. By Thursday night, I was irritable. Today is Saturday. Here are 10 realizations that I’ve come to since starting:

1. I don’t eat, know, or like enough fruits and vegetables for this.

2. I use too much butter when I cook, and now I miss it.

3. I’ve had an uncontrollable urge to drink alcohol since day 2, thinking that it would settle my nerves.

4. I can’t drink alcohol because I’m only supposed to drink water–nerves still frazzled.

5. I struggle to cook without tasting everything.

6. It’s hard to cook for someone who is not on a diet when you are.

7. I would not survive as a vegetarian.

8. Brown rice somehow manages to be devastatingly dry and mysteriously moist at the same time.

9. Eating 5 times a day is hard when you don’t want to eat anything you have.

10. I’m still not sure if corn is a vegetable or if I should be eating it, but there’s corn in one of the recipes. To me, that’s good enough for a pass.


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