Win32 Virus (Update)

Posted in Random Experiences,Writing by Ashley Franklin on August 23, 2010
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I came out the loser in this one. Malwarebytes was finally able to find the virus. AVG Free and Super Antispyware never did. The fact that Malwarebytes found it isn’t good news though. It found it attempted to make it go away, and then told me to restart my computer. That’s the last time my computer worked. After the restart, I started in safety mode. After waiting to get through all the Windows startup screens,  I got a flicker of a blue screen and then a black screen.

Needless to say, my laptop is now at a repair shop with my best hopes and wishes. For someone whose means of income relies on the computer and the Internet, I am quite upset. Things could always be worse though. We bought this new desktop last month. What a coincidence. I would really be  in a bind if I didn’t at least have this. Hopefully, the good folks at A+ Computer Repair Specialists will be able to get me back into the swing of things (quickly and at a reasonable price).


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