Almost 30…more thoughts: Aging, Gravity & Boobies

Posted in Aging,Life by Ashley Franklin on September 17, 2010
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I will be 26 next month, and I’m FAR less stressed about it then when I was about to turn 25. I don’t know why, but I was really having something  like a breakdown as i approached 25. Maybe the fact that I made such a big hoopla about 25, 26 has been totally downgraded to a sane level of anticipation (minus the dread). But, I can always count on TV to get me thinking-this time about aging.

In the wee hours of the morning, I woke up to a George Lopez episode (the sitcom not the talk show). It was George’s mom’s birthday. I think her name is Betty. (It’s actually Benny; thanks E&D!) To make a long story short, they had a roast where they joked about Benny’s boobs losing the battle with gravity each year she aged. Rude, right? So that got me thinking, what about me is decreasing as I get older?

I don’t look old. I still get carded when I go see rated R movies. The other day I was walking through the park and a spirited group of kids playing catch yelled “Hey, watch out for that kid!” There I was, married and easily a decade older than them. I opened my mouth to say something, but I changed my mind. After all, I found it somewhat funny. All of my body parts are still in their appropriate hemispheres, so I’m not battling gravity yet. What I have noticed, however, is that I’m becoming increasingly impatient. Okay, I”ll admit, I didn’t really notice it myself. I’ve actually had a couple of people bring it to my attention.

I’m not really sure how I feel about becoming noticeably impatient. I think there’s some good and bad about it. I’m less tolerant of stupidity, but I’m quick to fly off the handle at little things.  Maybe I’ll grow into a good balance of impatience, if that’s even possible.

Another thing the George Lopez episode brought up was that men look better with age. They become distinguished. Distinguished? Does that mean old but sexy? Is George Clooney still considered a sexy old guy? That’s something I vaguely recall hearing a while ago. What about that old guy that played James Bond? I have no idea which James Bond movie it was or the name of the actor. To avoid being blatantly tacky, I just did a Google search “old guy in James Bond movie” and Quantum of Solace came up. I guess that’s the movie, and Daniel Craig is the actor. There. Now I feel less tacky. At any rate, is the distinguished gentleman thing a fact, or is it just a different category to place old guys that were once hotties? Better yet, is there an equivalent for women?

My husband is pretty hot now, so if I have to look forward to him getting older and hotter, how lucky/annoying is that?!  I do know one thing though, I’ll be damned if he transcends into another degree of hotness without me.


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  1. E said,

    Just an FYI, The other super hottie is Sir Sean Connery. He is an older distinguished gentleman that improves with age (the accent is definitely a plus). Next, George Lopez’s mother is named Benny(per the Butler) But, what happens when your girlie parts haven’t seen the same hemisphere in a couple decades anyway????????? Thank God as women we have good foundation garments!

  2. Tricia said,

    LOL..let’s hope you both transcend together. I think the beauty of the folks who look too young to be their actual age (very young, college aged men insist on calling me cutie and all other sorts of come-ons. Mostly I chuckle and think about when my own as-yet-unborn kids will be their age) is that we don’t much have to think about what we’ll look like old just yet. Just in case though, I’ve started using eye cream. Don’t know what the hell it does really, but hey why not?

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