My sibling circle

Posted in Life by Ashley Franklin on October 22, 2010
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I have a complex family tree. I would not be able to fully map one out without a white board and a wide assortment of colored markers. It’s full of chaos and confusion. One of the harder things I’ve found to explain is my breakdown of siblings. I have half siblings, step siblings and (regular?) siblings. I only ever put the extra label on if I’m talking about more than one sibling at a time to someone I’m not related to. It’s just easier  for them to keep tack of.

Want to see if you can follow along?

I am the oldest child in 2 out of 3 of my familial situations. My mother and biological father have two kids of which I am the older. My mother remarried, and my stepdad already had 2 kids. I am older than both of them. They eventually had two kids together. That leaves 1 familial situation in which I’m not the oldest. Ready? My biological father has 5 kids total, and I’m the second oldest.

My younger sister just turned 17 (this would be my sister from the mom+biological father deal). Her birthday always makes me feel weird. I remember the day she was born. I was at the hospital for what seemed like forever. I could’ve gone to school, but I didn’t want to go to violin practice. Don’t judge me! I was a little excited to be missing school. It was right up there with the excitement I got when I could skip church. At 9, I wasn’t too excited to be getting a little sister. Actually, I specifically telling my mother no thank you when she asked me if I wanted one. It was obviously a rhetorical question. Selfish much? Yes; yes I am. Give me a break though. At 9, I pretty much had my own routine. I was accustomed to being an only child. It was me and my grandparents. My cousins were siblings enough. I was also supremely bitter that her birthday was only seven days before mine-stepping on my turf already.

The idea of being a big sister grew on me when I first got to hold her. She was still a little crusty looking, so I was a little grossed out. She did, however, open her eyes for me. AWESOME! She has given me that same goofy look throughout the years. I’ve come to the realization that either she’s goofy or she thinks I’m a weirdo. I’ll be honest. It could very well be both.

I don’t have lots of heartfelt memories about all my siblings. Some I don’t really know at all. One I’m pretty sure I met by opening the door and she was standing on the step looking back at me. That’s another story. For the most part, my siblings are friggin awesome! They range from 8 to 26 years old. Out of 8 of them, I talk to 6 pretty regularly. That’s not too shabby all things considered. Getting to know them is something that has become increasingly important to me as I hit my mid-twenties.


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  1. Expressmom said,

    What a fun post to read!

    Did you notice how you say mother/mom but always say biological father? That was funny. I like full-siblings as opposed to ‘regular.’

    I don’t know how all your parents managed this, but it is awesome that you respect all your siblings & have a desire to keep your family tightly-knit!
    Hats off to you!

    • transego said,

      Hi, Expressmom, and thanks for reading! It’s funny you picked up on the biological thing. I don’t have a stepmother, so I never really felt the need to toss “biological” in front of mother/mom. Oh, and I agree that “full siblings” definitely sounds better.

  2. TJ said,

    You know this could be a great book!

    Love ya sis!

    • transego said,

      Ily too sis! Do you know how much cooperation I would need to get this all figured out though? It would have one subplot after another,lol.

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