Hold Up! Am I about to be in my late twenties?!

Posted in Life,Life changes by Ashley Franklin on October 25, 2010
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I created this blog around this time last year. I was in an awkward state of mind. I was restless, discontent, and unsure of myself. I’ll be honest; I was a mess! My friends sympathized. I don’t know what my family thought. My not-yet-but-soon-to-be husband listened without making me feel ridiculous.

Now we’ve come back to this point. My birthday rapidly approaching. This year, I can honestly say that I am excited. I’m trying my hand at freelance writing and a few other Internet gigs, and I’m having a good time doing it. My dreds are still a fun experience.  I moved halfway across the country. I am happily married. A lot has happened in  one year! I feel emotionally stable. Don’t judge me. I know I’m not the only one that has had an emotionally sketchy time when I felt lost and that I should be more accomplished at my age.

I need a bit of clarity. On Thursday, I will officially be 26. Now, here’s the pressing question. At 26, will I be in my late twenties? Do the rules of rounding apply? 24, 25 and 26 could be mid while 27-29 late, right? It seems like a pretty good breakdown to me! What do you think?

I remember my college days. They seem so far away now. I look back at some of those days and think “God, I was an idiot!” Hey, it’s the truth. I chalk it up to the reckless abandonment of my youth. Well, my earlier youth I guess. The fact that I was 17 when I started college may have a lot to do with it. Maybe there is some truth to becoming older and wiser.


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  1. LOL I think 26 is just 26. Or how about “in your 20s.” Don’t place too much thought on it. But then again I told a 24 yr old the other day that me being in my 30s made me wise. Like Yoda. She countered with “But you’re not even six months into your 30s.” And I said “Yeah, but I’m that wise. Wait until I’m 31. I’ll be the Sophia Petrillo of this joint.”

    • transego said,

      Awesome comeback! And she was definitely my favorite Golden Girl.

  2. Tricia said,

    As someone who has just crossed over into ‘late’ twenties myself, I think I’d agree with your assessment. When I was 26 (Oh God…I think I just realized how old I am) I did feel closer to mid twenties than I do now. I mean it’s arbitrary really, because if you talk to someone turning 20 (as I have to do frequently as an RA) even 25 is kinda oldish. Generally being in yours twenties is supposed to be a fun time of life anyway, so I’m gonna live it up until I hit 30. Then I’ll live it up some more because I’m looking forward to the confidence and stability that being in one’s 30s bring (large assumption about that age on my part, but I’m sticking to it).

    • transego said,

      Maybe awesomeness is more about a state of mind and less about a number. You could replace awesomeness with oldness and pretty much come to the same conclusion. Wait…is oldness even a word? Just in case it isn’t, my early birthday present to myself is the ability to make up words at my leisure.

      Oh, and maybe your twenties is for practicing the stability of 30 so you don’t screw it up when you get there.

      We need some 30 year olds to chime in.

  3. e said,

    Well, first of all you will always be 15 to me. And – uh aren’t you still getting carded for R rated movies…..lol. Luv ya.;-p

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