New gigs, being naptastic & time management woes

Posted in Uncategorized by Ashley Franklin on October 27, 2010
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I recently got a gig as a teaching assistant for an online university. I start next month. A couple of weeks ago I signed up for NaNoWriMo. It starts next month. What does this mean? It means that within the next couple of days, I need to come up with schedule. My time management skills are horrific. I know the principles and how they should be executed. Making it happen in real life, however, I haven’t quite gotten (got?- it’s a little early for me, forgive me) that part down. 

There’s a perfect example. I can wake up early. I can stay up super late. My comprehension at these times is pretty sub par though. What’s the point in being up at these time then, huh? I haven’t quite figured out if it’s better to be up super late or early getting a small amount of things done. It usually doesn’t seem worth it, especially if I’m up for a super long time and get like  2 out of 20 things done. I might as well stay asleep until I’m fully functional.

Enter the power of the almighty nap. I was a professional napper in college. Any time. Any place. I could nap with the best of them. Naps even came in handy during grad school. Teaching at 8am and having classes spread throughout the day made a power nap a necessary coping mechanism. Unfortunately, my sleeping pattern is now severely dysfunctional. Since I freelance from home, it’s not too detrimental. If I had a 9 to 5, it would definitely be problematic.

It seems like a big part of my time management woes would be solved if I had a designated sleep and nap time. It’s those sneaky naps that creep up on me while my eyes are scrolling down a page that screw me over. Those are the naps that when I wake up, I realized I never recovered from my last blink or that my eyes never came back up to the top of the next page. Hmmm…I must figure this out in the very near future. Have any time management tips or tricks you could share?


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  1. zorach said,

    I just wrote a blog post about working intelligently, and one of the things I mention is how important sleep is in creativity. There are a lot of time management tricks in that post.

    In terms of sleep though? I’ve learned a few things…one of them is that quality of sleep is more important than quantity. I always thought I slept well, but lately I’ve been working through some pervasive worrying that has plagued me throughout much of my life, and I’ve found that I am sleeping better than I ever have in my whole life. I’m used to getting 8 hours, but now I wake up after only 7 hours some nights, better-rested than I ever used to be.

    I also find that establishing a routine helps. If I go to sleep and wake up at about the same time every day, just about everything becomes easier for me, and I become more productive as a whole.

    Some times of the day are just less useful for me…and I use caffeine to partially mitigate this. The afternoon is my most useless time. Right now I’m actually drinking coffee (a rarity for me). Normally I drink two cups of tea in the afternoon, often stronger ones…and I drink a more mild cup when I wake up, because I tend to be pretty perky in the morning anyway.

    Good luck!

    It is really tricky to manage your time when self-employed…so I can really relate to what you’re going through.

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