I Bid you Adieu, Carol’s Daughter

I love, love, love Carol’s Daughter products. I recently bought my second and last jar of loc butter. My most favorite thing that I’ve bought from the website is the Jamaican Punch body spray-rudely discontinued. The tui leave-in conditioner smells heavenly as well.

If I’m such a an of their products, why am bidding them adieu? I’m cheap. I don’t want to pay for shipping and handling. As great as the tui leave-in smells, I’m not all that convinced that it keeps my locs any more conditioned or hydrated then something I could buy from Target (deliciously smelly or not). Speaking of Target, I’m not sure if you recall, but I began my loc journey using Jane Carter products. Talk about pricey-her loc cream/gel runs about 20 bucks. It may work for some people, but it didn’t offer my hair that much hold. For hold, I used the loc spray. Together, they weren’t so bad. The bad thing about the loc cream/gel is that you don’t get all that much for the price.

So what did that have to do with Target? You can get Jane Carter products at Target. No shipping, I see exactly what I’m getting-it’s win win. Well, that just leaves the loc gel/cream. I’m going to start using Organic Root Stimulator Lock & Twist Gel. Why? You can find it anywhere and I keep reading others’ blogs that say they use it. I figure it can’t hurt. You can also find it just about anywhere, which is a huge plus.

So after this last jar of CD’s loc butter, I’m back to Jane Carter and off to Target.


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  1. waliiy01 said,

    You are not CHEAP. I think that you just make your financial decisions economically smart. It’s a shame that Shipping/Handling is ever increasing like the price of stamps. It’s the black eye of internet commerce, but also it’s backbone. Although I do admit that your loc butter smells great, there are dozens of other hair products available that are suitable for your grade of hair and ‘Bang for your Buck’…. Keep smarting kiddo…

    • transego said,

      I shall do my best to keep smarting (i like that). At least with stamps you can buy those forever stamps. Shipping and handling is always a gamble. The best and most consistent shipping and handling that I’ve seen is from Overstock.com. It’s one of the reasons why that’s my favorite site.

  2. e said,

    No fair- that’s cheating….you can’t comment on her blog..LOL.

    • transego said,

      Gotta love that good spousal support! Don’t hate, lol.

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