Facebook creeping me out

Posted in Life by Ashley Franklin on March 18, 2011
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Okay, so usually it’s gmail or plain old Google that creeps me out. Now it looks like Facebook wants to take a stab at it. About a week ago, Facebook suggested a friend for me. At first I was excited because the individual is a new friend that I hadn’t thought to look up. My excitement then turned into confusion. How did Facebook know we knew each other? We have none of the same friends. I don’t even use my gmail to access my FB account. No one is listed under my “manage invites and imported contacts” tab.

I let it go. Today I logged into FB and saw that yet another individual with whom I’ve only had contact via gmail has been listed as a suggested friend. I want to know what’s going on. I did find this link in my search, but it’s just another confused person.

I clicked a link on the page from that link, and it said my imported contacts have been removed. I’m still trying to figure out when and how they were imported in the first place. What’s happening with my privacy?


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  1. directflow said,

    No one is private any longer. But what you said is very true; How does Facebook make these connections between people 6-Degrees to Kevin Bacon status?

  2. P.S. Jones said,

    The reason Facebook sometimes randomly knows that you kinda know someone is that it pulls from their address book, not yours. If your email address is in there and they don’t ask you to be friends, it will tell you both that you probably know each other until you be-friend each other or tell it to stop.

    Or Facebook made a pact with the Devil to get super powers. Either one.

  3. e said,

    I opted to go with the devil pact. LOL. No social networking for me!!! No soup for you (Seinfeld)

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