There goes a spanker!

Posted in children,Life by Ashley Franklin on October 4, 2011
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To be completely racist and unintentionally racist at the same time, I’ve always found white people amazing for the most part-particularly white parents. Here’s why: I’ve never known any white people who got spanked as a child. I’ve been around white people my entire life-moreso than black people. While I’m sure that are some white parents who spank, just as I’m sure there are some black parents who don’t spank, I have not come into contact with any of them. How do they do it?

If you don’t know, I LOVE Katt Williams. One of my faves is when he says maybe black folk should stop beating their kids… publicly and does a bit about a mom beating her kid over the kid wanting some skittles.  (I’m telling you now, don’t click on that link if you’re sensitive to foul language. You’ve been warned.)

So my overarching question is this: how do you discipline your kids if you don’t spank them? Like, if you and your spouse both come from homes were spanking (or beating) was okay but decide it’s not for you, how on earth do you discipline your kids without going back to what you’re accustomed to? Having worked at a daycare, I’ve seen many a child laugh at time out, come out worse from it, and even give thankful praise for the privilege of having time to sit alone (that’s another story). 

So dear reader, were you spanked as a child, and if so, did you decide to spank your kids as well? If you’re not a spanker, how do you go about disciplining your child?If you haven’t had children yet, what’s your take? I’m just a little curious. 


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  1. I am a white person who got spanked regularly by my “spare the rod, spoil the child”-style parents. (I was–and remain–very naughty. I also got spanked at school a lot.) Perhaps white people spanking patterns might vary by region? Most folks (white and black) spank/beat their kids in the South (or at least they did back in the dark ages when I was little). Or maybe people living out in the boonies spank/beat their kids because there are no neighbors to call DSS!

    I don’t plan on having kids because I would probably go to jail for smacking them when they misbehaved. I have a short temper.

    • transego said,

      Hmmmm…There’s something to think about. If spanking patterns could very well vary by region, perhaps they could vary according to how religious a region may be too. Perhaps people form the Bible Belt may be more pro-spanking than others. Maybe things wouldn’t be so sketchy if there was a better understanding between the difference in spanking and an all out beat down.

      • I should clarify that with the exception of a few slaps for “sassing,” I was always spanked with a belt/paddle or whipped with a switch (that I had to pick out myself), never punched, hit, or kicked. I wouldn’t classify what my parents did as child abuse, but I did know some classmates whose parents did beat them with fists if they misbehaved. (One time a little girl came to class with a black eye, and no teachers even thought to call DSS because she told them that she had lied to her parents.)

        My spouse is from Massachusetts, and he tells me that spanking was very uncommon up there.

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