Apologies to your allergies as I dust off my blog.

Posted in Writing by Ashley Franklin on March 28, 2015
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I’m back! Yes, I got tired of my own tacky self. On a daily basis I coach and encourage others to write to the best of their ability. I tell each student the importance of finding his/her voice. Yet, where is mine? Oh, there it is–shackled in a corner about to starve to death. Hey, there. Sorry for neglecting you for (ahem) years.

I’m actually not alone. There are other adjuncts out there whose passion to write is stifled by the necessity to eat. Yes, we have grown accustomed to having regular meals. That’s a hard thing to give up. The life of an adjunct is just predictable enough to keep you in the daily struggle. Why? There’s always hope that a full-time position will open up. That’ll be the key! With a full-time position you can then afford to eat and sleep like a normal human being, right? RIGHT? The struggle is real. It’s not just a money struggle. It’s the struggle of deciding if you must starve your passion.

I feel like I turned 30 and became irritated with a lot. Most of my irritation was with myself. That may sound a mess, but it’s actually a good thing. Most change is inspired from some sort of frustration or unfulfilled desire. Oh, and for the record, this isn’t like the inner turmoil I had when I turned 25. That was a different kind of crazy.

That being said, let the writing begin.


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