WAHM (yet another questionable life choice)

Posted in Uncategorized by Ashley Franklin on March 30, 2015
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I love my kids. I love working from my home. In a perfect world, nothing could be more brilliant than putting together two things that you love. I must have forgotten that I live in the real (imperfect) world because HONEY, this is ROUGH!

There are some days when I can’t get enough of PBS and watching my kids run around and learn the world around them.Then there are those other days–the ones when I’d rather scrape off my skin with a spork than watch PBS and my kids are running around so fast that they’re almost in slow motion. Those are the days that are becoming more frequent. That’s the funny thing with kids. They get faster and faster. I’m getting slower. They’re getting smarter, and I’m pretty sure I’ve nearly plateaued. (It’s all about repackaging the smarts from here on out, my friend!)

Today, as my toddler and baby were having a raspberry blowing contest (Thanks for the initial lesson, Elmo!), it occurred to me that there is a reason why there is a take your child to work day and not take your child to work year after year after year after year after…

You get the point. There are days that WAHM might as well stand for What about harpooning myself? The idea of simultaneously raising children and working from the same location seems like it sprang from the same basket of horrid maybeit’spossiblebutwhyonearthwouldyou ideas.

Do I clean the house or clean the kids? Didn’t I just feed you? Whoops, you can’t eat that without teeth. Not in the house! Take that back outside! Where are your socks disappearing to? Your brother is not a horse! Stop yelling! Oh, that’s me? Stop making me yell. 

And then it happens. The baby takes three steps–two more than he has ever taken at a time. My toddler runs up to me with a block and announces he has the letter M.

“M is for monkey!”

It’s also for maybe. Maybe this is what makes it worthwhile. Maybe this is why so many families sacrifice and have one parent stay at home.

Since when are life choices easy and foolproof? I should’ve known better. Did I make the right choice? At the end of the day, no matter how exhausted I am, I can think back to something that my kids did during the day that made me smile. When I smile again, I’m always reassured.


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  1. Maybe it’s because I’m currently in California with my two nephews aged 2 years and 4 months respectively, and I’ve been watching my exhausted sister deal with them both and trying to help as much as I can, though being “aunty” is nothing like being mommy but I love this post so much. My 2 year old nephew is sitting behind me as I type and he’s alternately tried to cover my eyes with his blankie and to throw milk down my back. I applaud you for being able to work from home, and to even occasionally enjoy it.

    • transego said,

      Thanks, Tricia! It’s funny because it’s crazy to think about all that I would miss if I wasn’t at home with them.

      I do hope that you have been enjoying your time in California!

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