Friggin say Mama!

Posted in Uncategorized by Ashley Franklin on May 24, 2015
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My walking, full of fun baby makes all types of sounds and frequently imitates sounds that he hears. He makes an awesome truck sound! He has also said dada for quite some time. I can’t begin to tell you how infuriating I find that. We’re 10 months into this whole life with a new baby thing, and the boy calls me absolutely nothing. He’ll walk up to me and fling his arms up. He’ll pat me. He will not make any sound in my general direction.

To be fair, my toddler didn’t call me anything for a while. When he finally did, he called me Bubba. As much as I couldn’t stand Bubba, I’d totally take it right about now.

I know what you’re probably thinking: Just get the toddler to say mama. Yeah…tried it and it didn’t work. The baby just sat there tight-lipped.

As much as I would love for him to say Mama, I guess it’s cool that he hasn’t. In a way, he’s growing up so fast, it kind of reminds me that he’s still a baby. Why do I say that? He’s been walking for well over a month and he’s the size of a toddler. Sometimes the days with my kids seem like an eternity, but when I look at my 3yo, I see just how quickly time passes.


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