Don’t Kanye Father’s Day

Posted in Uncategorized by Ashley Franklin on June 21, 2015
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Everyone has had relationships that haven’t worked out. I think we all can agree that we go into relationships hoping for the best and wishing that they will last forever. For some of us, it just doesn’t work out like that. Is that a testament that there’s something wrong with you? Absolutely not! Does it mean that there’s something wrong with the other party? Well, that’s a matter of opinion. Things don’t work out for various reasons.

If you have found yourself a single mother, I sing your praises. Wait a second. I sing the praises of all single mother’s who are doing all they can for their kids, putting themselves seconds so their kids do not go without. You are a phenomenal woman. (Now, if you’re a second-rate mom, I’m not talking to you. Motherhood is hard, and it isn’t for everyone. I’m sure you’re awesome at other things. It is very important to know what you’re good at.)

Now, back to the single mother’s: You are phenomenal! Yes you are. You are woman. We shall hear you roar. There’s just one thing: Today, Father’s Day, is not your day to roar. Father’s Day isn’t for mothers. Knock it off.

For my die-hard Christian enthusiast mothers, I ask you this: If you are proclaiming both roles without any problem,

  1. Why was there an Adam for an Eve?
  2. Why was there a Joseph for Mary?

I’m saying though, if anyone could’ve laid claim to single mother fame, surely it could’ve been Mary!

I’m messing with y’all. Don’t send me angry messages.

Seriously though, don’t Kanye West Father’s Day. You’re classier than that. Let the fathers have their day. If the father of your children isn’t about his business, he knows it. Putting him on blast on social media just puts folk in your business. How often does that amount to a good thing? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Oh, and heaven forbid if you two reconcile! You’ll be looking all kinds of crazy. There’s no need to tell Facebook that you’re filling both roles or that you’re all the man your kids need. You know that sounds a bit odd. You can’t fill a role that was never meant for you.

I’m not single mother bashing. I was raised by my grandparents, sometimes my mother on her own, my mom and stepdad, and sometimes by my parents. My family unit varied. It kept things exciting.

Let’s be real. Most holidays are made-up. Please don’t let today get you all bent out of shape. When Mother’s Day rolls around, hunny, put on your heels or boots and your Super Woman cape. Oh wait, you’re saying you do that everyday? Well then you don’t sweat today. I am all for the empowerment of women and equality, but that’s not the underlying point of today.

Let fathers have their day. You don’t see them trying to take over Mother’s Day. Single fathers do exist!

I know that some of you may disagree. That’s fine. My opinion isn’t hurting your life and vice versa. I’m all for intelligent dialogue.

Hey, there may be a solution: Single Parent Day. Have at it.

Oh, here’s a fun way to tell if mothers should freely swap out the father’s role as they see fit:

Swap out Father for mother in The Lord’s Prayer. See how well that goes. Don’t worry. I’ll wait.


2 Responses to 'Don’t Kanye Father’s Day'

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  1. canadianrainbow said,

    Single Parent Day, I like it except our conservative, patriarchal society won’t ‘glorify’ or acknowledge something like single parenthood, or that it can be done with dignity.
    Your post was funny. I skipped all Fathers Day posts except this one. 🙂

    • transego said,

      I’m glad you decided not to skip over my post, and I appreciate the read.

      I really don’t see why there couldn’t be Single Parent Day! Being a parent is hard, so why not celebrate those who are doing it alone?

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