Why it was easy for me to stop going to church (Part 2)

Posted in Life,Life changes by Ashley Franklin on August 4, 2015

Reason #3: I knew too much!

It is incredibly difficult to take your fellow church goers seriously if you know too much of their business. I’m not at all saying that this is only true of church folk, so don’t take it that way. Here’s the thing: if you are around church folk in their chill mode, and church is their major thing, they’re going to talk about church (and by extension other church folk) regularly.

Yes, I would love to embrace you during fellowship time, but if I recently overheard that you’re Mr. PervyCan’tKeepItInHisPantsToSaveHisLife, not a hug, high-five, or glance is coming your way. I may even give you the side-eye if you’re traipsing about from female worshiper to female worshiper rubbing their arms, backs, (shoulders?), etc. I may find it increasingly difficult if you’re sashaying about leading praise and worship.

No thanks. Hard pass.

Reason #4: I needed separation of church and home.

There’s a reason there’s a separation of church and state. Quite simply, you’ve gotta stay in your lane. When you’re growing up, you and your parents are going to inevitably clash. That’s part of growing up. We all go through it. Now, image how much fun it is when your parents are your least favorite people on the planet, yet you’re supposed to open your heart and mind to whatever they’re spewing from the pulpit. Nope; not happening! Here is where a consistent youth leader would have been instrumental in my life. We had a few who came and went and who promised to stay in touch. Lies! I’m not bitter though. We all have our lives to live. I”m just saying that if you hold a position where you are somewhat responsible for the guidance of souls, you suck if you drop off the face of the earth after throwing up deuces.


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