Writing as a POC

Posted in Uncategorized by Ashley Franklin on August 14, 2015


“With great power comes great responsibility.” -Someone in between the Bible and Spider-Man

Let me cut to the chase: I have no idea what to write. I’ll explain. I am writing. I am querying agents. I have a few things simmering in some slush piles. However, I feel like I have a writing personality disorder. What do I mean? I feel as though I can write whatever I want. However, a major part of me knows better. I feel like I am unable to have a unified identity.

It’s a feeling that is akin to how I felt as the sole Black person in many of my graduate English courses. It wasn’t all the time. It was whenever we read something about slaves or a text by a Black author. My favorite question: “What do you think the author is trying to tell us about the Black experience?” **Crickets** And of course I’d feel obligated…

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