What if we handled racism like a bad breakup?

Posted in Life by Ashley Franklin on September 17, 2015
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Racism is a mother——–! We just can’t seem to shake it. While the brain eating amoeba in my water has caused my showers to shorten (I’m skeptical of its safety overall.), I’ve been having some deep thoughts.

So I got to thinking about what the world maybe like when my boys are older,  and my initial thought was hoping they’re allowed to even get older to have a place in the world. That’s a thought pattern for a whole different post.

My second thought: What if we broke up with racism? What would that feel like? I bet it would be like one of those epically bad breakups. Thank goodness I’m married because my post breakup behavior was sometimes questionable at best. That being said, if what I say is a reflection of just my personal brand of post breakup ridiculousness, don’t judge me too harshly.

At any rate, I think it would pretty much go like this:

Emotional roller coaster-We’d hate racism. We’d go into fits of rage, and then have spurts of sadness. We might toy around with depression, but in the end, we’d get that numb feeling about it.

Immersion-We’d find a distraction. What can make us forget the pain of racism so that we wouldn’t really have to deal with it? Social media-famous folk, world events covering anything other than our own problems, kittens-is a likely choice.

Reflection- Could things have been different? Where did things start to go wrong? When were they going well? Were things always bad?

Self-assessment- We’d wonder what our role was in all that occurred. Did we help to create this monster? What could we have done differently? Could we have stopped it sooner? If we had been more/less passive/aggressive, would it have made a difference?

Moving on- We’d accept what happened for what it was and for what it taught us. We’d move on, slightly bruised but slightly better. We’d say that there’s better out there, and we’d mean it. We would know that we’d moved on when we’d see a similar situation and react to it differently. We would mature.

If only it were that easy! (I”m using “easy” very loosely.)

Something is stunting our growth as a nation. We can’t seem to mature and move past racism. Why is that? What is it about extra melanin that drives some folk crazy? What gives this vice such brute strength?


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