I finally decided on a topic!

Posted in Family,Writing by Ashley Franklin on October 26, 2015
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To know me is to know that I am horribly indecisive. I ended up with two solid contenders for NaNoWriMo. I had one outlined and another in a pretty solid concept stage. Yeah…I”m not going with either of them. It’s not that I wouldn’t love to dive right into them, but one requires a bit of word building that I don’t want to rush. I keep changing my mind about the point of view that I want to use for the other one.

So, what’s my final decision? I”m actually going to write a parenting book. Shocker! Speaking of parenting, I hear the sound of someone trying to force himself awake. He must sense that it’s been quiet in the house for too long. On that note, more on this parenting book later!


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