ReForReMo (maybe next time)

I had eagerly signed up for ReForReMo as soon as we were allowed. With what I perceive as the success that I had during PiBoIdMo, I vowed to not miss another children’s book challenge again! Well, some vows are made to be broken.

While I really want to participate, I simply can’t. I just finished Susanna Hill’s course yesterday, and I’ll be started CBA’s Middle Grade Mastery course at the end of the month.

Maybe if I wasn’t working I could pull all of this off, but I simply cannot. I’m only one person, and these tasks are many. I’m not a fan of doing something halfway. Let me change that. I’m not a fan of doing something that I love halfway, and I love to write.

If you have the time to do ReForReMo, do let me know how it goes. I’m all ears. If you’ll also be a part of CBA’s Middle Grade Mastery course, I’d love to know that too. Being a part of the writing community can benefit your craft. It can also make the journey a lot less lonely.


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  1. JEN Garrett said,

    I love your post!
    Knowing when to say, “not this time” is sooo important. 🙂
    I’m doing ReFoReMo and the Chapter Book Challenge this year. And that’s about all I’ll be able to handle this March. 🙂

    • transego said,

      Thanks, Jen! I had to be realistic about how many hours there are in a day and days in a year. These challenges are great tools to network and boost creativity, but they shouldn’t gt in the way of actually writing. It looks like 2016 really is my yer for learning. 🙂

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