It’s my birthday

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IMAG1319Today, I turn 31 years old. Every year, I find myself reflecting a great deal as my birthday. This year was no different. So, what were my revelations this time? I’m becoming increasingly low maintenance. Also, happiness is something you have to choose on a daily basis.

The happiness thing has been a lifesaver all the way around. I”m kind of a spaz. See, I have no problem admitting it. I can go from calm to freaking out in less than 10 seconds at any given time. That’s stressful for no reason.

See that cake? That’s pretty much all I wanted to happen on my birthday. Well, that and a good nap and to not cook for an entire day. That sounds like happiness to me! It’s looking pretty good, but I’ll let you know how it pans out.

What’s funny about the cake is that my sister got the same one for her birthday. Obviously, the Monroe Dairy Queen was stingy with their cheesecake bits, but it was still tasty. I think it was fun that we discovered that we were plotting on the same cake weeks before our birthdays. Ah, the power of kinship. Here was her cake from last week:



Life after fireworks: Living in the lackluster

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Ah, fireworks! I’m sure that many of you can still see their vivid colors and feel the sound of their explosions if you close your eyes and steady yourselves. I didn’t watch any fireworks yesterday. They leave me with a weird feeling–an emptiness if you will. Fireworks displays are so over-the-top. They’re captivating. They engulf you. They command the stillness that comes with undivided attention yet set emotions free to run wild.

Then they’re over. Just like that, they’re over. The sky is still. Nightlife is given back its voice. You are an individual again and not a part of a collective. You’re no longer experiencing the same sense of awe.

For me, that’s how life works. We have these milestones-birth, graduation, birthdays, marriage, etc.–and then we have all of the days of everyday living in between.

Just recently, I’ve had to remind myself of the importance of the in between days. It’s been a while since I’ve had one of those fireworks days, and I was starting to feel kind of cruddy. I have realized that it’s the in between days that have allowed me to have the fireworks. Instead of thinking of these days as low points or lackluster, I should be thinking of them as days of character building. So, I will. How about you?

Where’d I go? And more importantly….where has time gone?

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How ignorant of me to disappear from my blog for like….ever and then come back acting like everything is cool. So, where have I been? I moved around a bit, but within the same state. I’ve juggled around my jobs, acquired a new one, and paid more attention to some old ones.

It’s not that I haven’t had anything to write about. I’ve had plenty of things I could have written about, but thought it best NOT to write about them.  In my opinion, that takes true discipline. I didn’t want to be one of those people who angrily writes something while in the midst of a situation and then later regret every word of it. I feel pretty confident now in my ability to freely write without remorse. Besides, there are a few things I’d like to get off my chest, so to speak, which means I’m going to have to start blogging more often.

In other events:

My little sister is about to turn 18. I remember when this chick was peeping at me after she was born. Now, she has the audacity to become the age of an actual adult. WOW! I’m so proud of her and terrified for her all at the same time. What will she decide to do about college? Will she decide to work? Will the economy screw her over? Will she leave from home soon? Does she want to marry and have children sooner or later than life? I wasn’t thinking about all of this when she was only just 17. But now, 18 is rapidly approaching in a few weeks. If this has me starting to feel old, how dirt-like must my mom feel? Awesome! 

I’m not sure what all the future will hold for her. She was a pretty cool/ odd/ interesting/ hilarious kid, so she has the makings of a fantastic adult with a lot of quirks. (The best kind to have around.) I just hope that whatever choices she makes, she makes them because they make her happy. At the end of the day, if you’re not happy with yourself, what does it matter if you’ve made others happy in the process?

Hold Up! Am I about to be in my late twenties?!

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I created this blog around this time last year. I was in an awkward state of mind. I was restless, discontent, and unsure of myself. I’ll be honest; I was a mess! My friends sympathized. I don’t know what my family thought. My not-yet-but-soon-to-be husband listened without making me feel ridiculous.

Now we’ve come back to this point. My birthday rapidly approaching. This year, I can honestly say that I am excited. I’m trying my hand at freelance writing and a few other Internet gigs, and I’m having a good time doing it. My dreds are still a fun experience.  I moved halfway across the country. I am happily married. A lot has happened in  one year! I feel emotionally stable. Don’t judge me. I know I’m not the only one that has had an emotionally sketchy time when I felt lost and that I should be more accomplished at my age.

I need a bit of clarity. On Thursday, I will officially be 26. Now, here’s the pressing question. At 26, will I be in my late twenties? Do the rules of rounding apply? 24, 25 and 26 could be mid while 27-29 late, right? It seems like a pretty good breakdown to me! What do you think?

I remember my college days. They seem so far away now. I look back at some of those days and think “God, I was an idiot!” Hey, it’s the truth. I chalk it up to the reckless abandonment of my youth. Well, my earlier youth I guess. The fact that I was 17 when I started college may have a lot to do with it. Maybe there is some truth to becoming older and wiser.

My sibling circle

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I have a complex family tree. I would not be able to fully map one out without a white board and a wide assortment of colored markers. It’s full of chaos and confusion. One of the harder things I’ve found to explain is my breakdown of siblings. I have half siblings, step siblings and (regular?) siblings. I only ever put the extra label on if I’m talking about more than one sibling at a time to someone I’m not related to. It’s just easier  for them to keep tack of.

Want to see if you can follow along?

I am the oldest child in 2 out of 3 of my familial situations. My mother and biological father have two kids of which I am the older. My mother remarried, and my stepdad already had 2 kids. I am older than both of them. They eventually had two kids together. That leaves 1 familial situation in which I’m not the oldest. Ready? My biological father has 5 kids total, and I’m the second oldest.

My younger sister just turned 17 (this would be my sister from the mom+biological father deal). Her birthday always makes me feel weird. I remember the day she was born. I was at the hospital for what seemed like forever. I could’ve gone to school, but I didn’t want to go to violin practice. Don’t judge me! I was a little excited to be missing school. It was right up there with the excitement I got when I could skip church. At 9, I wasn’t too excited to be getting a little sister. Actually, I specifically telling my mother no thank you when she asked me if I wanted one. It was obviously a rhetorical question. Selfish much? Yes; yes I am. Give me a break though. At 9, I pretty much had my own routine. I was accustomed to being an only child. It was me and my grandparents. My cousins were siblings enough. I was also supremely bitter that her birthday was only seven days before mine-stepping on my turf already.

The idea of being a big sister grew on me when I first got to hold her. She was still a little crusty looking, so I was a little grossed out. She did, however, open her eyes for me. AWESOME! She has given me that same goofy look throughout the years. I’ve come to the realization that either she’s goofy or she thinks I’m a weirdo. I’ll be honest. It could very well be both.

I don’t have lots of heartfelt memories about all my siblings. Some I don’t really know at all. One I’m pretty sure I met by opening the door and she was standing on the step looking back at me. That’s another story. For the most part, my siblings are friggin awesome! They range from 8 to 26 years old. Out of 8 of them, I talk to 6 pretty regularly. That’s not too shabby all things considered. Getting to know them is something that has become increasingly important to me as I hit my mid-twenties.