Family Magentas

Posted in Life by Ashley Franklin on January 1, 2011
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It’s New Year’s Eve. Ever since I’ve been on this Earth, I’ve spent every New Year’s Eve at church. This holds true with maybe an exception of 2. This year I’m spending a quiet evening at home. Well, it’s not really all that quiet. The neighbors have been setting off firecrackers for the past two hours. Throughout the day I’ve been thinking back to past New Year’s Eves. Sometimes the day was filled with shopping for an outfit to wear to the evening church service. There was always a day time nap. Eating chicken and waffles became a ritual maybe 10 or so years ago.

When I think back to those times, I don’t get sad. That’s why I can’t say that I get the blues. I get kind of a fond, warm feeling. It’s more like magenta. Mind you, I wasn’t always fond of dragging myself to church or mixing up waffle batter or deep frying chicken. Still, the memories are there. The events were my constants.

Obviously, I’m not at church today. Do you know where I did go? I went to the mosque for the first time since I got married. That was earlier this evening. ¬†Overall, it was a good experience. I may talk about it more in another post.

Another reason that I can’t feel blue is because I don’t feel lonely. ¬†I really have nothing to be blue over. My time is occupied recalling and looking forward to making more magenta moments.


Miss me? Yeah, I’d like to miss some of me too

Posted in Diet,Life by Ashley Franklin on December 29, 2010
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Yeah I’m talking about being overweight again. It’s my blog. I can do what I want. Actually, I’m only going to talk about it for a second. Let me tell you that I was on a roll with Kickboxing for Dummies. I was kicking, sweating and punching to my heart’s content. Then I got sick; then that time of the month came. Can you say motivation over?!

I must admit, I’ve missed the chipper lady that encourages me to punch and kick to the best of my abilities. Now, if only I could get the encouragement to get up in the morning and pop the DVD in. That’s the beauty/beast of working at home. My day is quite flexible, but that means didlysquat if I don’t schedule my time correctly. If I get up too early, I’m going to need a nap. If I try to push past a nap, I’m going to either crash unexpectedly or have to go to bed earlier than expected.

I’m not going to lie to you or myself. I’m not doing a stitch of exercise or changing my eating habits for the remainder of the month. My first reason is because it makes a hell of a New Year’s resolution, and my second reason is because I’m currently too hormonal to commit and mean it. Yes, I just bought a cherry pie today. Yes, it will be gone before January 1st.My husband and I will tear it down. That is a fact.

In all seriousness though, I can honestly say that I am ready to make a few changes in my life. My work habits and my health are my primary focus. I don’t expect everyday to be smooth sailing. I expect some days to be better than others. In the new year, I want to miss some things about me-the less than positive things. I don’t want to miss them as in year for them. I want to miss them as in be able to recognize that I have moved beyond them. Maybe it’s me moving past my quarterlife qualms, or maybe it’s embracing them and taking them for what they are: Life.