Where’d I go? And more importantly….where has time gone?

Posted in Aging,Family,Life by Ashley Franklin on October 5, 2011
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How ignorant of me to disappear from my blog for like….ever and then come back acting like everything is cool. So, where have I been? I moved around a bit, but within the same state. I’ve juggled around my jobs, acquired a new one, and paid more attention to some old ones.

It’s not that I haven’t had anything to write about. I’ve had plenty of things I could have written about, but thought it best NOT to write about them.  In my opinion, that takes true discipline. I didn’t want to be one of those people who angrily writes something while in the midst of a situation and then later regret every word of it. I feel pretty confident now in my ability to freely write without remorse. Besides, there are a few things I’d like to get off my chest, so to speak, which means I’m going to have to start blogging more often.

In other events:

My little sister is about to turn 18. I remember when this chick was peeping at me after she was born. Now, she has the audacity to become the age of an actual adult. WOW! I’m so proud of her and terrified for her all at the same time. What will she decide to do about college? Will she decide to work? Will the economy screw her over? Will she leave from home soon? Does she want to marry and have children sooner or later than life? I wasn’t thinking about all of this when she was only just 17. But now, 18 is rapidly approaching in a few weeks. If this has me starting to feel old, how dirt-like must my mom feel? Awesome! 

I’m not sure what all the future will hold for her. She was a pretty cool/ odd/ interesting/ hilarious kid, so she has the makings of a fantastic adult with a lot of quirks. (The best kind to have around.) I just hope that whatever choices she makes, she makes them because they make her happy. At the end of the day, if you’re not happy with yourself, what does it matter if you’ve made others happy in the process?


My god-awful in-laws

Posted in Life by Ashley Franklin on January 14, 2011
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They have yet to appear. I know it’s not the norm, but I’m so not even lying. Think about all of the movies, TV shows and friends’ stories that you’ve seen or heard. How many of them are about wonderful in-laws that take the person in as their own and never made him/her feel the least bit uncomfortable? Don’t worry; I’ll wait.

My husband and his mom are so close that I was honestly expecting a monster-in-law situation (good movie by the way). This woman was so nice when I first met her that I thought she was playing mind games. Well over a year later, she hasn’t changed. Either she’s a diabolical genius or she’s authentically this sweet of a person. The same goes for the rest of my husband’s family-from his aunts to his cousins. They’ve been amazing about welcoming me into their family. I couldn’t have asked to be connected to a greater bunch of people.

I know many people who aren’t too fond of their in-laws, so I consider myself to be quite fortunate in this area. My first Christmas away from my own family went pretty well too. Of course I missed doing some of the things my family usually does on the day, but I got to see how another family does the holiday.It was fun. My father in-law has always been a gem, holiday or not.

I don’t really like the term though. “In-laws.” It makes me think of outlaws by default. How could I not think of folk in cowboy hats, spurs? Well, maybe that’s just me and my imagination.