The Puppy Chronicles



About three weeks ago, we got a new addition to our family. Her name is Chelsea (Chelsea-Promise to be exact). We came up with her name from a series of pulls from a hat. Yes, we actually tore paper into strips and found a hat to do this. She is a Cavashon. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, she is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise mix. In all honesty, I guess you could call her a high-priced mutt. But, mutts need loving too. Besides, I would never call her that to her face.

Chelsea-Promise on a Thanksgiving stroll

Chelsea is roughly three months old. My stepdad had the genius idea that we could train her ourselves. All of us have miniscule amounts on patience on any given day. Personally, I think we need the help of a professional. Let’s see how well this goes.

I’ve recently gained a newfound appreciation for haikus. So instead of writing page after page of puppy stories,  I will give highlights via haiku. I dedicate this page to Chelsea-Promise.

Introducing….Puppy Haikus

You’ve hurled in your cage.
Poop-you’ve turned into a treat.
Who will clean it up?

Poopy puppy runs
from hurl-poop cage and cowers.
I too fear the smell.

Why’s your head so low?
Upset? No. Your chain is stuck.
You’re hooked to the cage.

Pet store guy, “The cage
will train her. Leave door open
‘til she learns the place.”

Simple a$$ sister
left you in the snow too long.
Mom freaked! Terrified.

I blow-dried you back
from your scary, icy state—
wrapped you in blanket.

Snow all around us!
We dug out a path for you,
but you chose the snow.

Spinning in circles,
round and round you go then stop.
Hard to poop on ice.

Caught a mighty foe!
Vexed to the core you have been.
You’ve conquered your tail.

And a guest poem from Lexi (my sister):

Snow has gone away
outside how I’ve missed you so.
Oh, hip hip hooray!


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